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This is done by posting a cogito.
You could share your opinion on a specific subject that matter to you. You could share wisdom or a philosophical quotes. Or you could also spark an intellectual dissertation with your peer. And let your friends, family, collegue, or teachers debate on your cogito. Or simply share what is on your mine.

This is where you post your S.T.E.M related homework.
When you need assistance on your homework, simply post it under the homework tab. Eventually, a friend , classmate, or anybody that can help solve it, will help you out. We are currently on the start up level. But as soon as we get any financial assistance, we will be hiring professional instructor to help solve on one to one basic, any challenge you might have with your Maths, Physics,and Science and Technology fields etc...

This is were you share your detail intellectual works.
Here you could write and share articles about a specific point of knowledge. For example you could write a detail article on how to solve differential equations. Or how to program a c++ OOP, Or if you are studing literature , you could write news paper like articles for your university and have you friends, relative or teacher review it. "Cogito ergo sum" !!!